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Name: Name of person entering in the ticket.  NOTE: If the person having the issue is not the person putting in the ticket, please include their name and contact info in the Detail field. 

Email: Email of the person putting in the ticket.   NOTE: This will be used for support ticket communication.

Phone: Phone number you would like us to call.

Room: The room number of where the device is located. 

AxiTag:   The AXI number located on the device. Begins with XXX

Board/Projector:  Please choose from a list of device types. If you have more than one issue please indicate the device type in the details section.

School Name & Address:   Full Address of where the device is located. 

Support Case Number:   If you have a support case number with the vendor enter it here.

Serial Number:  Serial Number of the device (if more than one item is having an issue please put the serial number in the details section).

Best Time to call: Please select the best time to call and we will make our best effort to call you at that time (put additional times and dates in the detail section as well). 

Issue:  Summarize the issue you are having (like the subject of an email).

Detail:  Explain your issue in detial.   Please provide as much information as possible.   Also include any additional contact info needed. 


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